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Harry Potter bloopers 

(Dumbledore’s obviously been visiting Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes)

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UN Peacekeepers Buy Young Haitian Girls for Sex





"A young girl walks a short distance to visit her relatives in Haiti. But she doesn’t get far before men start harassing her, asking her to come with them. Their intentions are not even thinly disguised, and this girl is just one of their many targets.

“They do this with all of us young girls,” she says. “I have a few friends that have gone to bed with them. Some of them are asked to give them a lesbian show, and they are paid for that.”

But what may be surprising is exactly who these men are. The unnamed girl’s quote is from a 2008 report by the U.K.-based nonprofit organization Save the Children on sexualized violence toward children in conflict zones. The men she mentions are from an international peacekeeping force more than 10,000-strong that has been in her country since 2004: the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti. Perhaps not surprising is that Haiti is not the only place where such propositions and sexual assaults are taking place. The misconduct of peacekeeping forces in conflict zones has dogged the UN since the inception of the peacekeeping program more than 50 years ago.”

Women and girls are not safe anywhere under patriarchy. Time to fight back:http://www.womensliberationfront.org/

Men’s idea of a peaceful world still includes rape.

the Irony The Peacekeepers .. it’s like one big fucking Cosmic jokes. . burn everything … and they are pedophiles … like let us call shit by their names

fuck the UN.

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'i ship them so much' i whisper to myself as the two characters beat the shit out of each other

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its so weird to think that i have more followers then jesus did

yea but i doubt that your followers will start a religion based off of your tumblr

excuse me?

the movement has started

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Porn Actress Exposes Industry: Trafficking in the Porn Industry - The Pink Cross

Elements of Sex Trafficking

Act: Recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons;

Means: Threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability, or giving payments or benefits to a person in control of the victim;

Purpose: Prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, or slavery.

- From the 2000 UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, ratified by 154 countries. (x)

[Highlighted elements of sex trafficking in the porn industry connect with the examples Lubben gives in this specific gifset, other elements do occur in the porn industry as well].


"The federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act defines the crime of human trafficking as:

A. The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act where such an act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act has not attained 18 years of age, or

B. The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.” - (x)


… [P]ersons are trafficked into the international sex trade, often by force, fraud, or coercion. The sex industry has rapidly expanded over the past several decades. It involves sexual exploitation of persons, predominantly women and girls, involving activities related to prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, and other commercial sexual services. The low status of women in many parts of the world has contributed to a burgeoning of the trafficking industry. -
The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Prevention Act (TVPA). TVPA combats trafficking in persons, especially into the sex trade, slavery, and involuntary servitude. It has been reauthorized three times since its initial passage: (x)



We need to be talking about this and we need to be making sex work safe. No one should be made to feel like this treatment is okay.

This needs to be seen and people need to speak out about it.

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So I had ordered a lion statuette for a Pride award but something went wrong somewhere down the line and when it arrived it had only the rear end of the lion.

It was a catastrophe.


took me a second to get it

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(via Students help Emma Sulkowicz carry mattress to class in first collective carry)

Y E S 


When I first read about this woman’s plan I thought it was a strong idea but I was worried that it was a little bit much for one person, no matter how dedicated, to keep it up for too long, especially since she has, you know, college to commit to. I never thought about how, if other people helped her carry her burden, I never thought about how much it would look like pallbearers with a coffin. Which is simply one of the strongest visual symbols one can use to disturb people in the western world.

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The ol rrrrrrrazzle dazzle

The longer I watch, the funnier it gets

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Alternate title for Homer’s Iliad?

Of Mycenaean Men



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Make me choose:

         └ eriklehnsherrofficial asked: Raven or Azazel?

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No but can you just imagine Mrs Weasley getting to the magical afterlife one day and the first thing she sees is a girl with red hair sprinting towards her.

For a fleeting moment she thinks it’s Ginny, but as the girl comes closer she recognises the kind smile and the emerald eyes that are shining with tears. It’s Lily Potter.

Lily pulls Mrs Weasley into a tight hug and can only whisper three words before dissolving into tears.

"Thank you, Molly."

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