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I love when people shut the fuck up

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We have 117 million problems and worrying about our status on the lacrosse team is not one of them.

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Did anyone actually draw clip art or was it just born when the universe was

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okay today i learned that apparently the penis has a say in whether or not a child will be a boy or a girl

female sperm swims slower than male sperm, but the males can’t swim for as long as the females. this means that a long penis will be closer to the egg when releasing the sperm, and there will be a higher chance for the child to be a boy.

so in conclusion

if you have a lot of sons you have a big dick




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I have seen things you wouldn’t believe.
I have lost things you will never understand.

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Daenerys Targaryen meme: two episodes [2/2] → 3.07 The Bear and the Maiden Fair

"I have a gift for you as well. Your life. […] Reject this gift, and I shall show you no mercy."

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James, are you tired of using that fake accent all the time? (x)

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okay so there was this one time i went to walmart with a friend and someone just left their kid in the ball cage and it looked like walmart was selling children paired with a ball for five bucks

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Make Me Choose || Anonymous asked: Asgard or Midgard

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